The social network with virtue

WonderWe is a social revolution -- a combination social network and crowdfunding platform!

Post, share and use hashtags to build movements.

Use WeCodes to empower fast, friction-free connections, sharing and giving. You can help organizations change the world with your time, talent and treasure.

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Spread the mission and build community

Empower your congregation to make a big impact through seemingly small action. Sharing and communicating by contributing even the smallest amount time or treasure adds up, when the crowd joins in!

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Easy unlimited crowdfunding campaigns

Engage your constituents, build profiles and launch campaigns to create a community of change agents for your cause.

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Build lasting relationships

Set individual campaign goals and update your own WeCode microblog to keep your network informed as others support your mission.

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Our Story

We saw a few problems. We wanted to solve them. It’s that simple. Our story is best told by explaining the problems we witnessed... and then by explaining what we at WonderWe created to solve them.

A Solution for Social. We thought social networking was broken…not technically. Technically, social networking is pretty amazing. But it's broken spiritually and culturally. While there are many great people and organizations inside social networking, there is a lot of baggage. Social networks have been, in large part, designed to help people promote themselves. And help they did. People have been pretty good at that. The effects on our culture have been significant... and negative. Of course, companies promoted themselves too – and people became the product. So, now, we have companies promoting their products to people promoting themselves. Crisis? Right. But, we can fix it together. We thought a social network about, well, "the good" would make more sense.

What better way to solve the problem than to create a social networking tool around helping – built around something other than "me"? A network built around the "we"?

A Solution for Crowdfunding. So, building our new social network around quality organizations was a natural fit. It would help people build community. It would help people help others. People already build community around causes and nonprofits – in the real world! We've done that for ages. And, what’s more, Organizations need the tool! Current networks are clogged. There is a dizzy din of noise... of self-promotion and ads. Furthermore, a "like" isn't as good as a volunteered hour or a donated dollar. But, we took it a step further. We built a crowdfunding tool set for organizations that allows for many campaigns... and methods to get people fired up about them. Why?

What better place to crowdfund than in a social network... where a relationship with the person is more important than the donated dollar…where the mission matters... where the power of a social "we" can really be put to good use?

A network that shares your values

Many people are hungry for a social network that is not about “them”…and is also not about advertising, celebrity and self-promotion. They want to create – or maybe re-create – themselves using tools that promote the good. With WonderWe, they can align with other people – and with organizations and campaigns…and take ACTION!.

  • About Others. People want a social network that is not about “them”…and is also not about advertising, celebrity or self-promotion. This will help people be better people.
  • Entrepreneurial Orgs. People want to support organizations that are scrappy and entrepreneurial….and willing to shake up the status quo in a fight for the good.
  • Be Part of the Mission. People want to engage with their favorite organizations in a way that invites them into the organizations mission – and allows them to be a part of it.
  • Relationship. People want to learn more about organizations – in a natural way that is more “conversation” and less “homework”.
  • Micro Means Macro. People want to support organizations through micro-giving and volunteering and sharing – to specific needs that align with their interests and personal relationship with the organization.
  • Network Leverage. People want to leverage their social networks for good.

We help organizations build relationships.

Organizations want to communicate with their constituency more regularly. They want to create conversation, community – and action. They don’t just want “a dollar”. They want a relationship. They want to separate themselves from the noise and scandal and advertising so often found in traditional social networks…and, for that matter, in traditional crowdfunding platforms.

  • Multiple Campaigns. Organizations know that crowdfunding is important and works – but they struggle to see where they fit in within the current major crowdfunding sites…and they have more than 1 campaign to manage at a time.
  • Youth Movement. Organizations want to reach a younger audience – but struggle to connect social to action.
  • Network Power. Organizations want to grow their network of contacts and people that follow and support their mission – and where they can ask their constituency to grow their network and support / development dollars.
  • Donor Centric. Organizations have learned that stand-alone SASS systems don’t work because donors don’t want them. Donors want platforms. Donors expect products like WonderWe.
  • Relationship Outreach. Organizations want to communicate with their constituency more regularly, in a forum that is not expensive or clumsy or full of ads.
  • Converting Social to Action. Organizations know that social networking is important – but they struggle to connect “likes” to action.
  • Donation Conversion. Organizations want to funnel followers and donors to their website, but the experience isn’t what many donors want, so traction is hard to come by and building a relationship is not possible.
  • Mobile Solution. Organizations want a mobile solution but don’t want to / can’t pay for it – let alone get people to use it if they had it.
  • Fast & Affordable. Organizations want a fundraising tool that is affordable, where they get their money fast.

It is absolutely free to use, whether you are an organization or an individual user.

When users make a donation we charge 3.33% of the transaction cost. That’s one of the lowest fees out there. You will also be charged the standard 2.9% plus $0.30 on each transaction to cover the credit card processing fees.

The way organizational crowdfunding should be!

Fast email support

Keep 100% of donations received

Emissaries will fundraise for you

No deadlines or goal requirements

Mobile-friendly campaigns

Keep every donation you receive

Free mobile app

No penalties for missing goal

Safe and secure

Starting is really easy. It takes less than 5 minutes.

You sign up. You build your profile – a picture and a description. Done.

Network members follow organizations and other users. You can click "donate" to make a contribution or share and promote your favorite causes. Organizations can build campaigns, invite friends and curate your constituency. Here are a few more things you'll want to do as an organization:

  • Campaign Builds. You can build a few campaigns. Start simple. Build a general fund. Then, maybe build an annual fund. Some additional ideas:
    • General Fund
    • Annual Fund
    • Event Fund
    • Capital Campaign
    • Micro Need
    • Family Fund
    • Missionary Fund
  • Invite Constituency. An organization needs only to invite its constituency: email, social, in literature….or get even more creative and put We#Codes on tee shirts, bumper stickers and more! When you invite people into this network, you are inviting them into your mission. It’s a different feeling. It’s a different purpose.
  • Curate. From there, you post. You share. You invite your constituency to share and post too. You build community – and you ask your community to help you by growing your network....which will grow your mission!

WonderWe is new. How many people will I truly reach?

WonderWe works like a charm even if you are the only organization in it. It’s a powerful multi-campaign crowdfunding tool. If people come to support you…and stick around to follow you…well, that’s even better. Now, you have a social network that works for you too – in so many ways.

If I drive traffic to a new network, will I lose donors to other organizations?

No. Think about it. People can find other organizations easily – from anywhere on the web…through a simple search in their browser bar or inside of another social network. People don’t support you by accident. They give because they want to be a part of your work and your success. WonderWe is for the crowd. It excels at small, movement making gifts – that when counted up, make for a big impact.

We don’t want to manage another social network. We have plenty of them now.

We don’t blame you. You can start by using WonderWe as a crowdfunding platform. The social piece just helps you stay connected to those who donate to you and support you…for starters. But, if you build it up, it can really work for you. Inside WonderWe, your network is your power. They are there to turn posts into action. They are there to turn your cause into a movement. You get above "the noise" of other networks. Furthermore, people are more intentional, in WonderWe and you can convert interest to action.

Why take a risk on a new platform?

It’s no risk. It’s free, and risk free. You can stop anytime. And, you can invest as little time or as much time into the platform as you like. But, there is a good chance that a large and growing number of your followers – or future followers – will like the fact that you are trying something new! You are entrepreneurial. You are a change agent. You joined a network not about "me". You too are part of "the we". It makes sense. Furthermore, WonderWe will continue to introduce new features that are sure to impress you, and that will be designed just for you.

WonderWe Glossary

We often use specific terminology to talk about our product and experience.

  • WeCodes

    A WeCode exists for every campaign and is referenced by using We# (the word 'we' plus the # symbol). Searching a WeCode will take you directly to that campaign's page. Posts with a WeCode turn into hyperlinked text and will appear on the campaign's page.

  • Campaigns

    Campaigns are created by approved organizations to raise money for specific purposes. Campaigns have a goal amount to raise and have their own feed with posts from the organization and anyone who uses the campaign's WeCode in a post.

  • Hashtags

    A hashtag (the # symbol) is used to mark keywords or topics in a post. Posts with the same hashtag are bundled together for easy subject-specific browsing, accessible by clicking the hyperlinked text.

  • Usernames

    The @-sign is used to call out usernames in posts. When a username is preceded by the @-sign, it becomes a link to that person or organization's profile.

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